Wellbeing Champions

Find out about becoming a Wellbeing Champion volunteer who promotes good health and wellbeing to the local community.

Champion your community's wellbeing

You can support people in your local community by promoting local health and wellbeing services that can assist people in living more healthy and fulfilling lives.

Would you like to be a wellbeing champion to help your community?

One You Hounslow is offering a great opportunity for free training to support local people in making informed choices for their health and wellbeing.

What will you learn?

Inequalities in health, importance of promoting improvements in health and wellbeing, how to effectively communicate health messages and impact of behaviour change on health and wellbeing.

Who can train to be a well-being champion?

If you volunteer for a community group, the well-being champions training would be suitable for you.  It would give you the self-confidence to promote health and well-being messages directly with the groups you work within. Our well-being champions will be given the support to encourage your community groups to access One You Hounslow services either through direct referral or self-referral.

How long will the training be?

The training is delivered over 4 hours in total – split into 2 X 2 hour sessions on 2 separate days.

What would you do as a well-being champion?

A wellbeing champion would take a proactive approach in their local community.  This would be achieved by:

  • engaging people to build and strengthen good health and wellbeing within their communities
  • building confidence, knowledge, skills and capacity of communities
  • working with local organisations to provide relevant support to improve community health and wellbeing.

National and local evidence shows that engaging communities leads to improved health and wellbeing as it:

  • encourages health-enhancing attitudes and behaviour
  • contribute to developing community cohesion
  • increases confidence, self-esteem, and gives communities an increased sense of control over decisions affecting their lives

For more information regarding the Wellbeing Champions role please contact us on 020 8973 3530.

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