Gopika brings 10 years of experience in the NHS to her role as a Children's Healthy Weight Advisor. She particularly enjoys working with young people, as she finds that helping them improve their lifestyle and seeing a change in their health and wellbeing to be very rewarding. Gopika takes care of her own health with plenty of walking, yoga and fitness classes but she's identified that she probably needs to find more ways to relax. She believes that having a healthy balanced diet, staying positive and mindful, taking regular exercise and staying calm is your way to good health and wellbeing - whatever your age.


Stella is a former Health Improvement Manager and Mental Health Wellbeing Manager who delivered HIV and sexual health and deeply understands the issues of health inequalities. In this role, she ensured that services were delivered in ways that challenged poor service access and discrimination. She also facilitated training for target groups and health care professionals to improve patient education. Stella enjoys making a difference in peoples' lives by helping them set realistic goals for improving their general health and managing their long term conditions better. When it comes to managing her own health and well-being, Stella's currently eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetable per day, drinking plenty of water and keeping a positive outlook. She's also started a 24 week exercise plan to be more physically active during the working days.


As a former dental nurse, Alpana brings an understanding approach to supporting smokers through their quit process and now works as a Health Trainer encouraging Hounslow residents to lead a healthier lifestyle. Clients at Hounslow’s Stop Smoking service have described her as a good listener and a great motivator! She always recommends her clients try using support tools such as mouth sprays and NRT patches, as she's seen people quit successfully in the past using this kind of assistance. Alpana tries to focus on eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and takes plenty of brisk walks to stay within the exercise guidelines. She also relaxes by doing yoga.


Kiran takes the view that believing in yourself is the key to undertake any challenge that you come across. As a Children's Healthy Weight Advisor, she has 7 years' experience working with children, families, teenagers, and pregnant women to help them make informed lifestyle changes. She finds it very rewarding to offer her professional support to people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing . Kiran feels her key achievement has been teaching young children how to increase their stamina in order to improve their performance in sports. Kiran loves sports and sees exercise as real 'me time'. Her present health goals are to try to unwind more and stay focused. She stays active by doing yoga and also does gardening for some whole-body strength training with a practical purpose.