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Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

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5 ways to help cope with stress

Monday 14th to Sunday 20th May is Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 and the theme of this year’s campaign is stress.  Stress is something that many individuals experience, in fact, recent statistics show that approximately 526,000 workers in Britain suffer from work related stress, depression or anxiety1.  Stress can lead to feelings of being unable […]

The Brentford Challenge

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The Brentford Challenge will raise awareness of mental health

Local residents are encouraged to lace-up their running shoes and take part in Brentford’s biggest sporting event – while raising awareness of mental health. The event, which will take place on Sunday 24 June at Syon Park, offers an array of multi-sports activities for all the family. Run in partnership with Brentford Lock West, The […]

Nutrition on the Go

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How to improve your diet for the better

As a nation we are consuming more than 200-300kcal more than we need daily and we know excess calories lead to weight gain. Aiming for the 400-600-600 meal options will allow us to make more conscious food choices, read food labelling and control our calorie intake. A calorie (kcal) is a unit that measures energy. […]

One You Hounslow Stop Smoking Service

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FREE Local support to quit smoking in Hounslow

One You Hounslow offers an excellent stop smoking service that can help you to quit smoking for good!  We offer a range of stop smoking support options and can be flexible to your needs. Our stop smoking specialists can provide you with motivational support and a letter of recommendation to take to a pharmacist or […]