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Stress impacts all of our lives and it affects us in all in different ways. Stress can be positive, like having a survival instinct to run away from danger. It can also act as a motivator to carry out tasks by a deadline. However, too much stress can become a problem. In the month of […]

Feeling lonely is something that all of us can experience at any point in our lives, it can make us feel isolated and have a negative impact on our wellbeing. The pandemic has been an unsettling time for everyone, and it’s important to remember that many people may still feel disconnected, and will feel comfortable […]

What is stress Most of us at some point say we are stressed but what does stress actually mean. Stress is a normal reaction and we need a certain amount of stress to function. We can think of stress as an umbrella term, often being made up of anxiety, low mood, sleep difficulties, low self-confidence, […]

This year Mental Health Awareness Week will run from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th May and the theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Reconnect with nature’.  During the pandemic many people explored green spaces they were not previously aware of and lots of people found solace in spending time in nature over what has been […]