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Foodbox Support Hounslow Community FoodBox this winter with BetterPoints Local charity Hounslow Community FoodBox provide emergency food, support and advice to people living in the London Borough of Hounslow. In the run up to Christmas and over the Winter BetterPoints are running a giving campaign to support their work and the families who need their help in Hounslow. […]

Food vouchers Get Active with BetterPoints BetterPoints is an app where you can earn points for doing certain activities.  Whenever you walk, run, cycle or wheel anywhere in Hounslow Borough you will get points on the BetterPoints app as long as you have the app set to ‘automatic tracking’.  You can also earn points for […]

Boston Manor Park Boston Manor House is one of West London’s lesser-known gems – tucked away in the locally beloved Boston Manor Park, the House was built in 1623 and showcases some incredible architectural features. While work continues on the construction and interpretation of the House, we have partnered with One You Hounslow and Ramblers […]

It always seems so justifiable at the time, “well, we are ON HOLIDAY after all” and given the COVID lockdowns and numerous restrictions we’ve had over the last 2 years, who could blame me for wanting to indulge in some nice food whilst visiting my in-laws abroad over the festive season. However, touching down in […]