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This works for me during Lockdown

I consider myself to be a social animal, so you can imagine how suffocating lockdown could have been for me, had I not been into my garden. I have always enjoyed gardening, it tends to be my happy place. I consider myself lucky for being able to enjoy my garden, and having grown up in […]

Stop Smoking client

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Stopping smoking during a crisis

Our stop smoking service has been working hard to help people to stop smoking during the COVID-19 crisis.  One such smoker that has managed to stop smoking is Andrei Gheorghita.  Andrei tells the story of how he managed to stop with our service below: My name is Andrei and I would like to share my story […]

Video conferencing

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Distancing – social or physical? – a perspective

Social distancing is a buzz word that will be remembered by a generation. The term has different meanings for people of different age groups and a personal interpretation that would suit their life situation. The government has been talking about how social distancing has been helping to ‘flatten the curve’, ‘bring the rate of R […]

Preparing for training

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Achieving a state of ‘activeness’ – a journey

Before the lockdown began, I was engaging with a community group that did circuit sessions in a local park. The sessions took place outdoors, in all weathers with a professional instructor who could plan some intense exercises. To say the least – I did enjoy it – else I know I would not turn up […]