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Nutrition on the Go

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How to improve your diet for the better

As a nation we are consuming more than 200-300kcal more than we need daily and we know excess calories lead to weight gain. Aiming for the 400-600-600 meal options will allow us to make more conscious food choices, read food labelling and control our calorie intake. A calorie (kcal) is a unit that measures energy. […]

One You Hounslow Stop Smoking Service

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FREE Local support to quit smoking in Hounslow

One You Hounslow offers an excellent stop smoking service that can help you to quit smoking for good!  We offer a range of stop smoking support options and can be flexible to your needs. Our stop smoking specialists can provide you with motivational support and a letter of recommendation to take to a pharmacist or […]

One You Couch to 5K app

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Couch to 5K is back!

BBC Sport’s Get Inspired has teamed up with Public Health England’s One You campaign to re-launch the popular Couch to 5K app which has been created to help anyone go from the couch to running 5K in only 9 weeks! The One You Couch to 5K app guides people through a 9 week programme by […]

Nutrition on the Go campaign

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Nutrition on the Go!

Many of us are consuming more calories than we realise – an average of 200 to 300 extra calories per day. Over time, these extra calories can creep up on us and cause unhealthy weight gain. Eating out has also become commonplace, and now a quarter of our calories come from eating out, which can […]