Get Active

Regular physical activity benefits all ages and stages of life. All movement is beneficial and the more the better! We have lots of great activities for all ages on this page. For older people, being active is important to help maintain muscle strength and reduce the risk of falls.

NHS exercise service for Hounslow

There are lost of different activities available for all ages and abilities across the London Borough of Hounslow to help you to be more active.

If you would like to speak to a health advisor about support to do more physical activity then you can call us on

020 8973 3530
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Why we all need to keep moving

Being active is important to our health and wellbeing as it’s good for our bodies and also good for our mental health.  If you’re not sure how you can start to be more active try downloading the Active 10 app on this page which measures how much brisk walking you are doing.

Active 10 app

Being active outdoors can offer a welcome change of scene and this NHS exercise app can be used by people of all ages and abilities.  If you’re not used to exercise even a brisk 10-minute walk can have significant health benefits.  Download the Active 10 app to find out how much brisk walking you are doing and see how you could build more exercise into your day.

Move More

You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to keep active.  The important thing is to try and do some kind of activity every day, even if this is just going for a short walk.  By building activity into your day you should also find it easier to keep active throughout the day as well.

Couch to 5K app

If you’ve never tried running, try Couch to 5K which takes you step by step through a 9-week course and before you know it, you’ll be running 5K!  The Couch to 5K programme is an NHS exercise programme which is very gradual and encourages you to get active at your own pace.  You can choose from a number of celebrities who will guide you through the course and you can even listen to your own music at the same time!

Activity resources

Download information about physical activity sessions across Hounslow.

Look after your mental health as well

Being active is important, but it’s also equally important to look after your mental health.

Use the ‘Mind Plan’ tool to find simple tips to look after your mental health.