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Food vouchers and Warm Spaces

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food vouchers

Food vouchers

Get Active with BetterPoints

BetterPoints is an app where you can earn points for doing certain activities.  Whenever you walk, run, cycle or wheel anywhere in Hounslow Borough you will get points on the BetterPoints app as long as you have the app set to ‘automatic tracking’.  You can also earn points for a range of other  activities that will give you extra bonus BetterPoints such as stopping smoking with One You Hounslow.

Cost of living crisis

The current cost of living crisis means that many families are struggling with the increased cost of everything from gas and electricity bills and food to fuel for vehicles.  Many are worried about the winter ahead and so any form of help towards the cost of living is welcomed.

FREE food vouchers for supermarkets

The great thing about the BetterPoints app is that you get points for all the activity that you do and the more the better. Those points can be used to donate to charity and they can also be used towards a range of different High Street vouchers including digital food vouchers for the following supermarket chains: ASDA, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. You can see all the different digital vouchers available on the app by tapping on the Redeem tab.  You can find out more about the BetterPoints app and download it by visiting the BetterPoints Hounslow website.

You can also find a range of activities to help people of all ages to move more on our Get Active page.

Warm Spaces

Hounslow Council have created a network of Warm Spaces across the borough for those that are struggling to heat their homes.  These Warm Spaces are available to use now and will be in place until March 2023.  Everyone is welcome to visit the Warm Spaces and stay as long as they like (as long as they don’t become crowded).

All 11 of the boroughs libraries and four leisure centres are offering Warm Spaces, in addition to many others which are being operated by charities and voluntary organisations.

Hounslow Council have also organised many different events where residents can go along and get tailored advice and find out what services and benefits are available to them.

Find out more on the Hounslow Council website

There is also a full map available of all the Warm Spaces in Hounslow