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BetterPoints returns to Hounslow!

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What is BetterPoints?

BetterPoints was founded in 2010 with a vision to use reward models for social good.

It is a behaviour change platform and app underpinned by academic research used to reward users for healthy and sustainable behaviours.

BetterPoints is going to start working with One You Hounslow from Monday 26th July which means that people can get extra BetterPoints through One You Hounslow activities as detailed below.  You can still download the BetterPoints app today though and join the One You Hounslow rewards programme.  The following is information on how you can earn BetterPoints with One You Hounslow:

Move More

Earn 2 BetterPoints per minute for walking, running and cycling (up to 150 minutes per week). Visit our Move More page for ideas on getting active!

Move More at the Gym/Pool

Earn 50 BetterPoints for visiting one of the Lampton Leisure Centres in Hounslow to get active. Scan in and earn up to 500 BetterPoints per month.

Daily Prize Draw – Win 1,000 BetterPoints

Earn 1 BetterTicket into our Daily Prize Draw for every walk, run or cycle over half a mile. We will be awarding 1,000 BetterPoints every day, seven days a week.

Stop Smoking sessions attendance

Earn 500 BetterPoints for attending up to 10 stop smoking sessions with the One You Hounslow Stop Smoking Specialists.  Complete the course and earn 5,000 BetterPoints for achieving four weeks smoke free.  Please note that points can also be earned on phone and video call sessions.  To find out more about our stop smoking support visit our Stop Smoking page

One You Hounslow Events – Earn 500 BetterPoints per month

Earn 100 BetterPoints for attending One You Hounslow Health and Wellbeing sessions. Scan in and earn up to 500 BetterPoints per month.

Move More Hero – Win 25,000 BetterPoints

Tell us your story of how you have gone from inactive to habitually active to be in with a chance of earning 25,000 BetterPoints every month.

How will you use your BetterPoints?

BetterPoints can be spent at local businesses who sign up to the programme or they can also be donated to local good causes.

Users can also spend BetterPoints with online retailers and local businesses also offer prizes and discounts through the BetterPoints app.

You can find out more details of the BetterPoints programme in Hounslow by visiting the One You Hounslow BetterPoints page