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Week 5 – The Unofficial Couch to 5K report

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Couch to 5K week 5

Couch to 5k is a week by week running programme designed for beginners. Many people have downloaded the app and are taking part either individually, or in small socially distanced groups. Read about Steve’s experience below and find out how to get involved yourself.

Hanworth Airpark

We returned to Hanworth Airpark on a balmy summers morning for week 5 run 1 of Couch to 5k training with The Positive Movement Project, on a day when heat was going to be a big problem for the assembled team of runners. First, we heard news of absentees and were saddened we couldn’t be joined by pole to pole walker Brigette and also Sharon who was stranded somewhere in paradise. We were joined this week by Vickii (I’m out of the office) and by Gary (I think my trainers are still wet).

The leadership team this week of Terri (we must take pictures) and Leanne (Minty) took us to the warmup area. The warmup is an exercise to prepare us for the morning’s activities and this is the bit where we come closest to looking like athletes…OK, maybe not.

The 5 minute walk

The 5 minute walk is good as it prepares you for the run but also gives time to discuss each others aches and pains gained over the last week, some of the remedies discussed are not available over the counter from Boots though.

After 5 minutes of walking, it’s time to run. We all took off like scalded cats and about 10 seconds later settled into a snail’s pace. The 5 minutes of running went well despite the 400 mph breeze that had got up as we passed the rugby club and headed along the path to the church. Time stands still while you’re running and 5 minutes seems like an eternity and yet walking 3 minutes lasts just a few seconds.

And off we go again, 5 more minutes of running and I’m sure those crows are laughing at my sparrows legs.

What’s this? Terri has taken another selfie of us all!

We make our way around the back of the Airpark and its comforting as I struggle to breathe that Terri and Leanne are managing very well to keep up with Gary, Vickii and myself.

Approaching the finishing line

As we approach the Hanworth Park run finish line before starting our next walk, I look to my right and see the church steeple rising majestically towards the heavens and I thank the lord that on such a beautiful day, so far I haven’t needed the defibrillator. This running lark is spiritually up- lifting.

And so once more we burst headlong into the wind along the path to the rugby club, like Olympians we almost manage to keep up with a poodle, but clearly the poodle is out to get a PB and our hopes of catching it are dashed when Leanne calls time on the running.

The Positive Movement Project is great and being able to take part in Couch to 5k is so much better when doing so with such great instructors and being in a team of fellow strugglers. Each week we’re apprehensive about the next part of the course, each week we achieve, and that sends you home on a high.”

New to running?

New to running? Then the One You #Couchto5k app could be for you!
Designed for beginners, the fun and motivating app gradually builds you up to running 5K in just 9 weeks.  Find out more about the app and the Hanworth Park running classes on our Couch to 5K page or check out the NHS Couch to 5K page.