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Sharon’s Couch to 5K journey – Week 2

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Couch to 5k – week 2 ‘I am clearly crazy!’ I thought to myself last bank holiday Monday as I left the house ‪at 7AM. ‘What are you doing, Why are YOU wearing trainers?’.  You know that feeling when you are sort of in a ‘huff’ with yourself because you can’t believe what you are actually doing!!

What I was doing for the first time on MY OWN, was a Couch to 5k app session! I walked up the pavement faffing with the app and finally got my own music to play. As I walked on, the app explained what I needed to do. Luckily Terri and Leanne hadn’t lied, it was a brisk five-minute walk to start and then after that a 3,2,1 …and RUN!

Off I went, like a lardy steam train huffing and puffing for a whole 60 seconds. I needed the programmed walk to get my breath back before the next little jog. Was it easy? NO, did I give up? No. Did I want to stop? YES. Did I stop? NO!!!! I actually did it all. Honestly, I was so chuffed with myself at the end that I had done it.

I’ve always been self-conscious that “other people” might laugh at me, or I’d be mocked by “real runners”, and that’s put me off even trying, or at least it’s been an excuse to not try. Being out on my own was a real big deal to me and guess what, no one laughed at me and the runners I did see, did this thing I assume is a “runners nod”. They nodded at me as they sprinted. I think the nod meant “Go woman, you can do it… I was like you once’”.

When I finished and I walked home I felt more positive. With no ‘huff’ I thought, ‘Well everyone has to start somewhere and today on Bank Holiday Monday, this is my somewhere’. I did my second session in the park and just went at my own pace, which, yes, is slow, but it’s not as slow as lying on my sofa.

On Friday I again laced up my trainers and went to the park to meet the lovely Positive Movement Team. Honestly, even if you were the biggest grump in the world they’d make you smile . I had started Week Two of Couch to 5k!

My thoughts were just ‘wow’. Last week I was dying doing just 60 sixty seconds of running. Now I’m still dying, but I can actually jog further for 90 seconds. ‪In one week I am capable of lasting another 30 seconds, how amazing is that?

Even more amazing was that another lady popped by as we were warming down. She said that two years ago she did Couch to 5k, and now she was training for a marathon! That is pretty amazing. For now I will just concentrate on getting to Week Three, which is kind of like my marathon.

I will end on another of those “I never thought I’d do that moments”. I’m going to my Mother-in-Laws for the weekend, and I am packing my trainers as I need to fit my next Couch to 5k app session in!

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