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Sharon’s Couch to 5k Journey – Week 1

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Couch to 5K people

Couch to 5k – week 1 Three things have happened this year that I could not have foreseen, nor would I have believed even if Mystic Meg had told me…

  • I turned fifty!
  • Coronavirus!!
  • And I have worn leggings and attempted to run in public!!!

Getting started

Like many of us, I have gained weight over the lockdown period. The gyms closed which gave me a perfect excuse to snack more and I wasn’t exactly an ardent gym goer before they “locked” me out.

I walked the streets of Hounslow a lot, initially for my hour a day permitted exercise. I’ve probably been past most of your houses shuffling along, but I thought, at least I’m doing something right… even if it is not much.

But then, someone showed me a link on Facebook to something called The Positive Movement Project. They were going to be supporting people to use the Couch to 5k app, in small socially distanced groups at Hanworth Park, and it was free!

All about Couch to 5k

If you have never heard of Couch to 5k it’s an app that you download and it aims to get you off the sofa to run 5km. Usually you do it on your own and I’d never heard of it doing it with alongside other people. I definitely could do with getting away from a relationship with my sofa!

I looked down at my ever-expanding waistline and thought, be brave and sign up for it.

Bite the bullet – let’s go!

I did and on Friday I wandered over to Hanworth Park, feeling nervous. I met the lovely Terri and Leanne, and there were other people who, like me, weren’t really runners.

They explained the safety process, put us through some gentle warm up exercises and we were off, a 5-minute walk, followed by 60 seconds of running. When I say running, I don’t mean like Usain Bolt, you just go a bit faster than walking if you are anything like me. It wasn’t like school PE and no one shouted at me to speed up. I was so busy waiting to be shouted at, that before I knew it, the sixty seconds were over. You have a break to walk, then you do another 60 seconds, and then walk and so on…before you know it, it’s over, with a five minute walk and some more stretching.

I was really pleased that I went along. Nobody took one look at me in my lycra, no one laughed and there was no shouting to go faster, just lots of encouragement and support.

The next two runs you do on your own using the app, I’ll keep you up to date with my progress!

To find out more about Couch to 5k and give it a go yourself, why not download the app! 

You can download the app and find out about the Positive Movement Projects FREE community Couch to 5K fitness sessions in Hanworth Park on the One You Hounslow Couch to 5K page

Visit the NHS Couch to 5K page