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Love Your Lungs Week 2020

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Smokers, why not show your lungs some love!

It’s Love Your Lungs Week 2020.  So, what is the purpose of the lungs?

The lungs play an important role within our bodies, their function is to take in oxygen from our environment and to transfer it into our bloodstream which is then circulated around the body.

Our environment therefore plays a key role within the health of our lungs. What can we do then to promote this? If you are a smoker then the best option would be to get support in stopping smoking. Stopping smoking is the key to avoiding many lung-related conditions such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and lung cancer.

Every part of our body needs oxygen to survive, smokers tend to have less oxygen delivered to the body’s cells and organs including the lungs. The reason being because when a smoker inhales tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, one of the 7000 plus chemicals present in a single cigarette,  binds to the red blood cells and oxygen is displaced preventing delivery to the muscles and other body tissues. Decreased levels of oxygen in your body will reduce your physical endurance.

Smoking causes significant changes in your lungs and airways such as mucus build up and less airflow. Smoking causes your lungs to age faster and hinders their natural defence mechanisms from protecting you against infections.

Does passive smoking harm the lungs of non-smokers?

Passive smoking is when you breathe in other people’s tobacco smoke.  When your lungs take in second-hand smoke it can increase the risk of the same diseases that smokers are susceptible to, including lung cancer and COPD if breathed in regularly. Passive smoking is especially harmful to children as they have less well-developed airways, lungs and immune systems. Second-hand smoke can stay in the air for up to two and half hours and the toxins can stick to your clothes and fabrics. To protect yourself, family, friends and pets against second-hand smoke why not make your environment such as your home and your car a smoke free zone and where possible avoid places where you may be exposed to second-hand smoke.

Passive smoking when inhaled regularly can cause health problems, such as:

  • Chronic cough
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lung infections
  • Lung cancer

There are many health benefits to stopping smoking, these include:

  • Lung capacity improves up to 10% within 9 months
  • Breathing feels easier
  • Cough less
  • Your oxygen levels improve
  • Having more energy
  • Improved circulation
  • Body detox of chemicals from cigarettes
  • Reduce the risk of getting COPD
  • A smoke free home protects your loved ones

Further support

Why not show your lungs some love by taking action now to quit smoking and breathe easy. One You Hounslow can provide you with specialist support through weekly sessions via telephone, virtual video, WhatsApp messaging/video or SMS. We will help you to receive your stop smoking medications (there are currently no face to face sessions running due to government guidance around COVID-19).

If you are interested in receiving support to stop smoking then call us on 020 8973 3530 or visit our Stop Smoking page for more information.  Find our more about Love Your Lungs Week

Lavina Ramlingam,

Stop Smoking Specialist