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A stop smoking journey

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a stop smoking journey

Care Plus More

Care Plus More provides quality accommodation to vulnerable groups of people who have mental health conditions, learning disabilities or any type of medical condition that requires support to help people experience independent living.

One of the Care Plus More key elements of service is to ensure that their clients are supported in making healthier lifestyle choices such as quitting smoking, eating healthier and exercising as research has shown that when these key criteria are implemented, clients are happier and live a healthier lifestyle.

Action on Smoking & Health

Research from Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) has established that people with a mental health condition who smoke are more likely than members of the general population to anticipate difficulty in quitting and are less likely to succeed. However, smokers with mental health conditions are frequently motivated to quit and are generally able to do so provided they are given evidence-based support.

This is the journey of one of our clients who quit smoking with One You Hounslow who are committed to supporting people to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and I am sure it will inspire many of you to join the stop smoking programme.

One client’s journey to stopping smoking for good from Care Plus More UK

I started smoking from the age of 11 and over the years I tried to stop smoking but it was really hard without support and each time I tried on my own, I kept going back to smoking within 24 hours. Then eventually my addiction to smoking became quite severe where I was smoking 40 a day. I could feel my breathing was getting worse and more than ever I was getting quite anxious which would lead to smoking another cigarette to calm my nerves. A few years ago, I hit rock bottom as I lost both my dad and my brother and my grief was severe and I was feeling very sad. I knew I needed to make changes for the sake of my health, as well as my family who were also grieving and I wanted to show support and deep in my heart I wanted to make my dad feel proud of me. I then plucked up the courage and at the beginning of November 2019, I went to the Heart of Hounslow stop smoking clinic on a Tuesday morning with my Support Worker to quit smoking. I met the Stop Smoking Specialist and she went through the programme with me. I was really nervous as I was taking a big step into the unknown and I was really worried how I would cope without my friend “cigarette”.

I was really surprised how the programme was tailored to my needs. I chose my medication and every time I attended the clinic I would have my carbon monoxide tested. There were times I found it challenging where I really wanted a cigarette but with all the help and support I got from the Care Home and the Stop Smoking Clinic, I gave up for good in February 2020. I was able to get the manager of the Care Plus More to attend the programme as well and she also quit smoking. One of my friends who lives next door to me was also attending the programme. I am so glad that I also helped other people to get into the stop smoking programme.

If you would like support to stop smoking visit our stop smoking page, call us on 020 8973 3530 or e-mail us: oneyou.hounslow@nhs.net