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Stopping smoking during a pandemic

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Stopping smoking in a pandemic

Our stop smoking service has been working hard to help people to stop smoking during the COVID-19 crisis.  One such smoker that has managed to stop smoking is Andrei Gheorghita.  Andrei tells the story of how he managed to stop with our service below:

My name is Andrei and I would like to share my story about how I quit smoking.

During these unprecedented times I was feeling more stressed than usual and I received a text message from NHS saying if I would need support to stop smoking again. I was delighted to get this message so I text back saying I need support. Short time after this, I was called by Lavina for a telephone consultation.

Following this conversation we decided I should use Nicorette patches. We discussed to go to the nearest pharmacy which is Jade Pharmacy. During these two weeks of using the patches I asked her if I could use a different product, so Lavina recommended Nicorette inhalator. She called me and asked if I am happy to collect the item from the pharmacy next to my house so she can send the prescription directly.

I was impressed by her willingness to help me and following up. I was happy for this easy process and I collected the item next day. At the moment I have two weeks of not smoking, it’s very good. Lavina recommended me these websites Future Learn and One You Hounslow where I can find different activities, exercises.

Thank you very much Lavina,

Kind regards


If you would like support to stop smoking visit our stop smoking page for more information, call us on 020 8973 3530 or e-mail us: oneyou.hounslow@nhs.net