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Achieving a state of ‘activeness’ – A journey

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getting active during lockdown


Before the lockdown began, I was engaging with a community group that did circuit sessions in a local park. The sessions took place outdoors, in all weathers with a professional instructor who could plan some intense exercises.

To say the least – I did enjoy it – else I know I would not turn up three times a week dressed for any weather condition – be it rain, wind or shine!

We all know that there are benefits to being physically active – some of them being improved sleep, maintaining weight, managing stress. Some social benefits include – developing confidence and improvement in social skills. The CMO recommends about 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week for a working age adult. This would help reduce the risk of some long-term health conditions like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

On a personal level, the benefits that I experienced were – improved fitness levels, good recovery rate and most importantly clothes that fit better.

Getting active during lockdown

Within the current atmosphere of social distancing, it is ever so important for me to maintain and improve upon the gains that were made before the lockdown.

Thanks to the digital world, I am still able to continue doing one virtual circuit session from my living room. I have been struggling through this as the ‘rest’ that one got during the actual session – like chatting with other participants, walking from one exercise station to another has been lost. Importantly for me the social participation element has been missing too – being motivated to keep going when you see others going and also getting encouragement from others to keep moving.

To this I have added two weekly running sessions – which just helps me get out into the local area. Along with a family home work out session using resources found on the Internet.

This has helped me keep some kind of normality in these unprecedented times.

Each session is a challenge but I try to always recall how I feel at the end of the session – elevated – to keeping me moving!!

For information on lots of activities to keep you and your family active visit our Move More page


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