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How to work effectively from home

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How to work effectively from home

A large percentage of the population are now working from home, adapting to a new way of working during unprecedented times.  However, communicating digitally can have a great impact on our health and wellbeing. Here I share some tips that may improve your way of working from home.


You may find you are more productive whilst working from home and you can maximise your own personal productivity. Wearing work attire other than your pyjamas can improve our state of mind and it is key to stick to your usual working hours.

Our way of working may have changed and that is normal. However, let’s try and adapt as much as possible and become creative with our way of work which can be an incentive to further improve our skills and enhance our learning.

You may find you are more productive in the morning so make a to do list, focus on the harder to do tasks first and answer your emails methodically.

Working from home may also be difficult for some so try not to be over ambitious, be realistic and you may even achieve more than you think.


Working from home can be isolating, before you know it your eyes are glued to a screen and it’s easy to forget to take regular breaks and stay hydrated. Staring at a PC all day can strain your eyes; try to work for 1 hour, take a short break and don’t have your lunch break at your desk.

Fresh air can clear your mind whether it’s in the garden or going for a short walk. Do some stretching and breathing exercises which can help alleviate stress. When it comes to out of office hours; ensure you are disconnected from work, logged off and notifications are turned off.

We may be without distractions i.e. no colleagues but it’s important to look after your health and wellbeing whilst working at home so you can work efficiently therefore a routine and good night sleep can aid productivity.

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Home space/Communication

It is easy to get distracted whilst working from home whether you are living with family, friends or being on your own. You may find you are scrolling and using your phone for non-work purposes. Perhaps turn of your notifications, avoid scrolling and give yourself a time when you can check your phone e.g. break times.

Find a space where you can work without being disturbed and work in a pleasant and tidy environment. Keep your windows open for fresh air and keep some healthy snacks by you to keep your energy levels up.

Communication is crucial to any professional role regardless of whether we are working from home or at work. Stay in touch with your team with regular meetings and catch ups. Video conferencing and online project management tools can help us stay focussed and updated with work.

If you are finding it all difficult; always seek help from your colleagues or manager and weekly catch ups can provide you with the support you need.


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Gopika Chandratheva