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Digestive Health

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Healthy breakfast

With our body clocks altered and sudden change to our daily routine, our digestive health can be disrupted. Whether working from home, home schooling, unemployment, looking after the vulnerable, being alone; the pressures can cause stress having an impact on our digestive symptoms. Here are some simple tips to improve your digestive health.

– Consume a balanced diet with a variety of foods
– Try not to skip meals and eat regularly
– Eat slowly and chew food well
– Stay hydrated with plenty of water or non-caffeinated drinks such as herbal teas
– Limit rich fatty foods and processed foods and cook from fresh if possible
– Reduce alcohol intake
– Eating too much fibre can also cause digestive issues
– Limit fruit to 3 portions per day
– Try probiotic supplement/yoghurt
– Limit intake of gas foods e.g. beans and pulses and certain vegetables such as cauliflower
– Try oat-based breakfast cereals such as oats

Sitting for long periods of time can make symptoms worse.  Try some of the follow:
– Gentle brisk walks
– Daily stretches
– Yoga
– Incorporate a daily workout

Mental Health
The following can help maintain good mental health:
– Breathing practice
– Practice mindfulness
– Try a bit of meditation
– Ensure sound sleep
– Relax and limit your digital usage
– Do something creative
– Try not to stress and listen to your body

Gopika Chandratheva


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