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Freezing food tips

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Freezing foods are a great way to minimise space in the fridge, used as an emergency, saves you time, is a great way to store food, retains nutrients and also preserves food. Don’t freeze old food because you don’t want to throw it away the aim of freezing is to keep food to its freshest.

• Slice onions put them in zip seal bags and place garlic in ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer-use when required

• With vegetables you can cook them, allow to cool then pop them in the freezer alternatively you can buy frozen vegetables and fruit

• Defrost foods well

• Keep your freezer tidy and not over full

• Always cool foods before you freeze

• Don’t refreeze food unless cooking food in-between e.g. thawed mince to make bolognaise

• You can freeze milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese, bread and even eggs (remove from shell) lasts 3-4 months except milk about 1 month

• Always place foods in airtight containers, zip zeal bags, trays or moulds

• Portion food and freeze for meals

• Stocks and sauces can be put in the freezer

• Label foods i.e. raw and cooked

• Not all foods freeze well especially vegetables with a high-water content e.g. lettuce, soft herbs, hard boiled eggs

• Soups, casseroles, thin fish fillets and home-made pies, can be cooked straight from frozen- use a low temperature to start with to thaw then gradually increase temperature to cook

• Raw poultry and large joints of meat should never be cooked from frozen

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