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For a happier heart, eat less salt

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Salt Awareness Week 2020

Salt is a popular additive to many of our meals and is also naturally found in many unexpected foods. Salts all together are almost impossible to avoid entirely, decreasing salt consumption can lead to a happier heart.

Too much salt raises blood pressure. When blood pressure gets too high it can lead to stroke, heart failure and heart attacks.

For people who have already suffered from these conditions it is extremely important to monitor salt intake to ensure that the condition does not get worse. However, monitoring salt intake before these issues arise is ideal.

The recommended daily amount of salt for anyone over the age of 11 is 6g.
Children should have significantly less salt each day, depending on their age:
Children from 1 – 3 years old should have 2g.
Children from 4 – 6 years old should have 3g.
Children from 7 – 10 years old should have 5g.

Sometimes salts are hidden in the foods we eat! Here is a list of foods that are surprisingly high is salt to try and avoid or eat in moderation:
Butter and Cheese
Sauces: fish sauce, ketchup, and more
Capers, Anchovies, Olives
Salted nuts
Baked Beans
Tinned foods
Processed foods
Ready meals
Prepared potatoes (Jacket potatoes)

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