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Melon steak dessert

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Watermelon steak

Usually we cut watermelon into wedges, but in this recipe we serve them as steaks – topped with berries and passion fruit. It is a refreshing no cook dessert or snack, which is also pleasing to look at.

Melon steak dessert

Ingredients – Serves 6
1 small watermelon
2 handfuls blackberries
2 handfuls raspberries
4 passion fruit – pulp

Cut both ends of watermelon so you get a flat base and top. Then stand watermelon upright on a flat surface and remove rind with sharp knife, from top to bottom. Then cut into two inch circles.

Place watermelon circles on flat side plates, put blackberries and raspberries on top of the watermelon. Finally serve with drizzle of passion fruit pulp.


Recipe by
Farhanda Shah