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Roasted and raw courgettes

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Roasted and raw courgettes

In this recipe courgettes are the star, they are roasted and served raw in the form of ribbons. A vegetable peeler can be used to ribbon some of the courgettes and the carrots. The sauce is made of fat free quark and low fat cheese.

Ingredients – Serves 2
2 courgettes
1 carrot
Rapeseed oil spray
2 teacups fat free quark
4 tbsp grated low fat cheddar cheese
1 handful chives
2 tbsp pine nuts
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut one courgette in cubes, spray lightly with rapeseed oil, and roast in the oven on 180c/gas mark 4 for 20 minutes. In the meantime prepare sauce, in a saucepan bring to heat quark and add cheese stirring all the time. Add salt, pepper and half of chives.

Using a vegetable peeler ribbon the second courgette and carrot

Once sauce is ready pour on plate, layer the roasted courgettes, after this layer the ribbons of courgettes and carrots, finally garnish with pine nuts and remaining chives

Farhanda Shah