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Shake it up this summer with change4life!

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10 minute shake ups

10 Minute Shake Ups

A new survey from Change4Life and Disney UK has found that less than half of parents are aware that physical activity can build children’s self-confidence (49%), reduce anxiety (47%) and improve their self-esteem (46%). Just 16% (1 in 6) think that physical activity can help children develop attributes which make it easier to cope with life’s little set-backs.

Evidence shows that children and young people who are more active have more confidence, higher self-esteem, less anxiety and stress and better social skills – attributes that can help them deal with the challenges they face in daily life. Positive attitudes towards physical activity have also been associated with children being happier.

The UK Chief Medical Officers recommend that children do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, yet just 20% of boys and even fewer girls (14%), are meeting this target, despite 95% of children saying that they enjoy being active.

Disney Sports Quiz

Change4Life has launched a new online quiz to help children, with their parents, find activities and sports that might be perfect for them to try, based on their skills and abilities.  Check out the Change4Life Disney Sports Quiz.

According to the survey, nearly half of children think that they need to be ‘fast’ (49%) or ‘strong’ (41%) to be physically active and only a quarter (25%) see themselves as ‘sporty’. The campaign reinforces that simple daily activities like active play, scooting or walking count, so by encouraging them, parents can help their children become more active.  Look through all of the Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Ups.

Source: Public Health England & Sport England

Find activities for all the family to keep moving, including children, on our Get Active page. On the same page you can also find an activities map which shows a range of different activities that are available across the borough of Hounslow.