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Healthy Eating Week 2019

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Veggie omelette

It’s Healthy Eating Week 2019!  According to the national diet and nutrition survey published by Public health England (Jan 2019) results show our fruit and veg intake is below national recommendations of 5ADAY.

In order to tackle lifestyle diseases we need to be focusing on reducing our saturated fats, free sugars and salt intake and increasing our fibre, fruit and veg intake and including more unsaturated fats in our diet.  Along with this keeping active, good sleep and staying hydrated can all have a positive impact on our health.

In order for our body to function well we need to consume an overall balanced diet and incorporate a variety of macro and micronutrients. The Eatwell Guide is a tool to help ensure you are meeting government recommendations on nutrition and consuming a balanced diet by following the guide.

The focus of Healthy Eating Week this year is on breakfast, 5ADAY, hydration, getting active and sleeping well.

Adult government guidelines:

Fibre – 30g

Saturated fat – 20g for women & 30g for men

Added/free sugars- 30g

Salt – 6g

Tips to a healthier you:

– Start by making small changes

– Have a positive relationship with food and everything in moderation

– Don’t ban and label foods as bad and good instead treat yourself once in a while and enjoy what you eat

– Try making some swaps

– Swap fizzy drinks and fruit juice for water

– Get variety into your diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables

– Think about reducing your caffeine intake – try herbal teas

– Opt for low sugar breakfast cereals and high fibre ones like porridge & shredded wheat

– Try low fat dairy products

– Read your food labels, avoid products in red and aim for green

– Reduce red meat consumption and opt for meat free days

– Have you tried frozen fruit and veg? Always keep a bag in the freezer they are just as good for you as fresh fruit and veg

– Keep a water bottle, refill it and ensure you are sipping throughout the day

– Include olive oil/rapeseed oil in cooking and think about including more unsaturated fats in your diet – avocado, nuts and seeds

– Try some oily fish once a week e.g. salmon

– Tune in to your hunger – a few deep breaths before you eat, chewing your food and eating slowly can all help to satisfy your hunger

– Opt for high fibre and wholegrain foods to keep you fuller for longer

– Think about healthier cooking methods such as roasting, baking, steaming, pan frying and using a microwave

– Snack on nuts, whole fruit, crackers and cheese, plain yoghurt with fruit instead of your usual chocolate bar

– Fruit juice contains added sugars, a 150ml glass of fruit juice only counts towards one of your 5ADAY

– Keep your body moving with physical activity even a brisk walk can do the world of wonders

– Ensure you take time to relax and get a good night’s sleep; try some deep breathing or some mindfulness if you feel stressed

Contact One You Hounslow to help you to eat well, move more, drink less and stop smoking and sign up to our free Cook and Eat sessions to help you learn how to cook healthier foods and improve your diet.

You can also download our One You apps to help you to eat well and get active – Easy meals app, Active 10 app, Couch to 5K app

The NHS One You website also has lots of useful information.


Blog written by Gopika Papiah (nutritionist)