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Sunflower Pineapple

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Sunflower pineapple

This dessert involves minimal prep and cooking. So simple and tasty and a good healthy alternative. This dessert does not contain any added sugar and is ideal if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake and increase your fruit consumption.

1 Tin of pineapple rings in juice or fresh pineapple cut into rounds
1 small pot of natural yoghurt
Coconut flakes – optional
Mint leaves – optional
Poppy seeds – optional


  1. In a griddle pan or frying pan, heat the pineapple rings on both sides until browned/have a slightly burnt look on a medium heat
  2. Fill the pineapple rings with black poppy seeds for sunflower effect – optional
  3. Sprinkle pineapple with coconut flakes and fresh mint leaves and serve with natural yoghurt


Recipe by
Gopika Papiah (nutritionist)
Farhanda Shah (dietitian)