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Know Your Numbers 2018

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Know Your Numbers

One You Hounslow is encouraging people to get their blood pressure checked for Blood Pressure UK’s Know Your Numbers Week which runs from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th September 2018.  More than 5 million people have high blood pressure in the UK and aren’t aware of it, that’s why it’s called the silent killer.

Facts around High Blood pressure

  • High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke in the UK
  • High blood pressure is the UK’s biggest killer, responsible for approx. 60% of all strokes and 40% of heart attacks and is also a risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease and dementia.
  • Untreated high blood pressure is the major risk factor for strokes, heart attacks and heart failure.
  • High blood pressure has no obvious signs or symptoms.
    The only way to find out if you have the condition is to have a blood pressure check.

One You Hounslow will have Pressure Stations available at the following times and locations throughout Know Your Numbers Week where you can have a FREE blood pressure check:

Monday 10th September, 11am – 3pm
Hounslow Library, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN

Tuesday 11th September, 11am – 1pm
Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health, 92 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EL

Wednesday 12th September, 10am – 12 noon
ASDA, Tilley Road, Feltham TW13 4BH

Wednesday 12th September, 1pm – 5pm
AGE UK, Southville Community Centre, Southville Road, Feltham TW14 8AP

Friday 14th September, 11am – 3pm
Hounslow Library, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN

Do you know your heart age?  4 in 5 adults have a heart age higher than their real age.  Visit our Checking page to find out YOUR heart age today!