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FREE Local support to quit smoking in Hounslow

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One You Hounslow Stop Smoking Service

One You Hounslow offers an excellent stop smoking service that can help you to quit smoking for good!  We offer a range of stop smoking support options and can be flexible to your needs.

Our stop smoking specialists can provide you with motivational support and a letter of recommendation to take to a pharmacist or GP to get medication such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or Champix to help you with the withdrawal symptoms of stopping smoking (you pay 1 prescription fee for 2 weeks of medication unless you are exempt from paying prescription fees).

If you receive behavioral support along with using stop smoking medication then you are 4 times more likely to quit!

Drop in clinics

One You Hounslow stop smoking service offers a range of drop-in clinics at different times and locations across the borough of Hounslow. You can find your nearest drop-in clinic on our Stop Smoking page.

Other support

If it would be difficult for you to attend our drop-in clinics then we you can also get stop smoking support from a local pharmacy or we are able to provide telephone sessions to help you quit.  There are also a number of GP practices that provide support to quit smoking as well.

SMS message reminders

If you decide to attend one of our drop-in clinics then you can receive SMS reminders every week to remind you to attend the drop-in clinic. You can opt out of these SMS reminders at any time.

If you are a smoker then stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health. If you would like to speak to a stop smoking specialist call us on 020 8973 3530 or visit our Stop Smoking page to find out more.