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Change4Life Food Scanner app

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Change4Life Food Scanner app

There is now a NEW and improved version of the Be Food Smart app which is called the Change4Life Food Scanner app which is downloadable from the iTunes store and Google Play.

For those people that never used the Be Food Smart app it works by scanning bar codes of food and drink. Once an item has been scanned the app tells you how much sugar, salt and saturated fat is in the food you have scanned.

The updated Food Scanner app has a similar look and feel to the previous Be Food Smart app, however there are now some exciting new features.

These include:

  • Calorie information – the new app tells you the amount of calories in food and drink products, and will also provide calorie information per serving suggestion.
  • ​​Improved results layout – you will find it much easier to understand what’s in your food after scanning.
  • Constantly improved product data – as with the previous app, Chnage4Life are constantly looking to improve the number of products that users are able to scan.

You can sign up for a FREE healthy snacking pack and get money-off vouchers and stickers for children from Change4Life. You can also receive e-mails about eating more healthily and get ideas for fun activities with your kids from the Change4Life team.