Smokefree '23

You could earn up to £40 in BetterPoints for stopping smoking and going smokefree for 2023! Find out about how you can earn BetterPoints on your stop smoking journey with One You Hounslow.

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Give the gift of food to Hounslow Community FoodBox this winter and you can earn some BetterPoints which you can save up and also donate to a charity of your choice.

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Healthier Me programme

Find out about our 12 week adult weight management programme called Healthier Me. It’s a new kind of programme to help with sustained weight loss.

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Know Your Numbers

High blood pressure is a silent killer and the only way to know you have it is with a blood pressure check. Visit our Know Your Numbers page for information about checking your blood pressure.

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Friendly local support to a healthier you

There are things we can all do towards looking after our physical and mental health.

Call and speak to one of our friendly health advisors to find the support that’s right for you

020 8973 3530

Available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

You can now talk to us by video call using the Attend Anywhere service.

Easy ways to get started
Local programmes and activities
Healthy living apps and tools

Download a range of apps and try tools provided by the NHS to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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